Since 1898, Berkel has manufactured the best slicer machines in the world.

Combing tradition with innovative solutions and leading-edge technology, Berkel professional slicer machines are designed to slice with precision; ensuring minimal wastage whilst upholding maximum reliability. These meat slicers are ideal for use by butchers, delis, restaurants or in any professional catering environment.

With over 100 years specialising in slicer machines, Berkel are the number one choice for commercial caterers and professionals around the world.

Specialist Berkel Slicer Machine Servicing and Repairs

Our engineers are trained by Berkel technicians.

This allows them to service and repair any Berkel slicer machine to the highest of standards.

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Berkel Easy Line

More than a century of experience and research results in the Berkel Easy Line. Competence, efficiency and precision are combined to achieve the highest professional standards.

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Berkel Red Line

An electric slicer with all the Berkel quality. The Berkel Red Line has reduced dimensions, ease of use and state of the art solutions to ensure a perfect cut every day.

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Berkel Premiere Range

For those who don't require an intensive use of the machine and know that the quality of food often depends on the tools you use to process it.

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Berkel Futura Range

Able to withstand intensive use all day long; the Berkel Futura range ensures the highest performance whilst minimising waste.

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Berkel Avantgarde Range

The Berkel Avantgarde represents the top of the range in terms of innovation to ensure the highest performance and safety, under the most intensive conditions.

Berkel Avantgarde Range

Berkel Heritage Flywheels

The iconic Berkel Flywheel. Able to hold performance while under intensive use; these slicers are a statement piece for any restaurant or kitchen.

Berkel Heritage Flywheels