Chopping Board Resurfacing

With daily use, most people believe that the best way to sanitise plastic cutting boards is to disinfect them throughout the day and to clean them at night - IT WILL NOT!

Cleaning your commercial cutting boards/carving boards after use does a great job of surface cleaning. However, when a sharp knife cuts into the surface and creates a gap, bacteria and other micro-organisms embed themselves deep within the surface. This area often becomes stained and is unaffected by cleaning products (even under pressure). This leaves a chance of contamination; resulting in Health Inspector violations.

Our Chopping Board Resurfacing Service avoids this, and makes sure that your boards are always ready to use.

Money Saving

Save up to 70% on your Cutting Boards


Reduce your carbon output by over 70% demonstrating good environmental practice.

Wide choice Sizes and Colours

Including Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

Meet Health & Safety Guidelines

Unsanitary cutting boards commonly cause Health Inspector violations.

Covid Safe

Boards are thoroughly cleaned before each delivery

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