Nella Cutlery Services have been sharpening knives for over 120 years, constantly updating and refining the Knife Sharpening Service to maintain the high standards expected by its customers.

There are many reasons to choose our Knife Sharpening Service, including; no expense in buying or replacing knives, reduction in accidents, less wastage, and our knives are always fit for purpose. We are happy to offer a 2 week free trial  and let our knives do the talking.

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Our Chopping Board Resurfacing service is 65% cheaper than buying new and help you to Save The Planet, One Board At A Time! We collect your old boards and swap them over for a duplicate resurfaced set on a regular basis. 

This service will also  Save YOU Money, Avoid H&S Violations, Reduce Waste Disposal Collection Costs, and guarantee your kitchen No Down Time. 

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About us

Nella Cutlery Services celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2021, from humble beginnings the Nella brand is now firmly established as the UK’s leading knife sharpening company, and can supply all of your food processing, and kitchen equipment needs.

The Nella story began back in Italy in 1901 in the small village of Carisolo in the northern region of Trentino. Emilio Nella the great grand father of the current owners decided to move away from his native land to seek a better life elsewhere in Europe. He acquired a portable grind stone, and began to make his way across the continent doing his knife sharpening service.

After a year travelling on foot Emilio arrived in Deptford London where he quickly established a reputation as a master grinder and sharpener.

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