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Nella Knife Sharpening Service History

Nella Cutlery Services celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2021, from humble beginnings the Nella brand is now firmly established as the UK’s leading knife sharpening company. We can supply all of your food processing and kitchen equipment needs.

The Nella story began back in Italy in 1901 in the small village of Carisolo in the northern region of Trentino. Emilio Nella the great grand father of the current owners decided to move away from his native land to seek a better life elsewhere in Europe. He acquired a portable grind stone, and began to make his way across the continent doing his knife sharpening service.

After a year travelling on foot Emilio arrived in Deptford London where he quickly established a reputation as a master grinder and sharpener. Local caterers and butchers soon became loyal customers and word spread of Emilio’s skill and reputation. The Nella brand had become established.

During the mid-1920’s Emilio’s two sons, Pietro and Camillo gradually became involved with their fathers business, eventually to take over the running of the company when their father retired. Then Pietro Nella was joined in the mid-1950’s by his son Pierfranco Nella. Following suit Pierfranco's sons Emilio and Mark joined the business in the early 1980's and continue to this day alongside their sons and daughters.

The Nella Cutlery Services of today has retained and maintained the core values established by its founder in 1901, high quality products and services, reliable, consistent performance and value for money. The Nella factory today serves its thousands of customers all over the UK, Ireland and Europe with high quality knives, which are sharpened to strict and measurable standards. The fleet of over 100 vans and our 200 staff ensure customers receive their sharpened knives at the time and place they have requested. Nella’s customers cover a wide range of sizes and businesses, from local restaurants, takeaways and butchers to national pub and restaurant chains. We can provide a solution and product to suit the individual needs of any customer.

Over the years food processing equipment sales, repairs and maintenance have been added to the Nella portfolio, making us a one stop shop for all of your kitchen needs. As the Nella brand approaches its 120th anniversary the company continues to grow, yet at the same time maintain the high standards and values established by its founder Emilio Nella. Now 5 generations on, its current owners look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.