Knife Sharpening Service

Nella Cutlery Services have been sharpening knives for over 120 years, constantly updating and refining the knife sharpening service to maintain the high standards expected by its customers.

Today Nella, as the market leading company offer an unrivalled knife sharpening service combining quality products at cost effective prices.

Our expert grinders and sharpeners work tirelessly to make sure all knives within our Knife Sharpening Service remain sharp, and easy to use.  

Using the same set of skills honed, and perfected over Nella's more than 120 year history.  

Money Saving

With our knife sharpening service, you don't have to worry about purchasing new knives, as we swap your knives regularly, keeping you sharp.

Better for the Environment

Less wastage and better portioning control

Wide choice of knives

Our knife sharpening service includes a choice of over 25 types of knife. In different sizes, colours and widths all to suit your needs

Reduce Accidents

Our sharp knives will decrease accidents previously caused by blunt knives.

Covid Safe

Knives are thoroughly cleaned before each delivery

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