Step 1 - Your First Delivery

Nella Board Delivery

To start the Nella Chopping Board Service, one of our dedicated team of delivery drivers will deliver you a bespoke set of cutting boards chosen by you. 

All boards will be colour coded, and sized to match your needs. 

With our Chopping Board Service,  there are 3 sets of boards in circulation. One set with you, one set being resurfaced, and another with our fleet of Nella Drivers. 

Step 2 - Resurfacing your Next Set of Boards

Chopping Board Resurfacing

Using cutting edge technology, your board is taken through our unique Chopping Board Service

We take the top 3mm off the board. This removes cuts, scrapes, stains, and other wear and tear cause by day to day use. All plastic waste is recycled.

This keeps your boards clean, and helps them meet Health and Safety regulations. 

Step 3 - Quality Control

Nella Resurfaced Boards

Nella prides itself on the quality of all the board within our Chopping Board Service.

That's why all boards go through a vigorous quality control procedure before they leave our premises. If they don't meet our high standards, they don't leave our sites

Step 4 - Swapping your Next Set of Boards

Nella Board Swap

When it's time for your board swap, your driver will arrive with your new set of boards.

Your Chopping Board Service will be arranged at a day and time that suits you. 

Remember, at Nella your happiness is our priority, so our drivers are always willing to answer any queries on either the boards, or additional services. 

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