Cutting Board Resurfacing


Save up to 70% on your Cutting Boards.

Don't purchase. Save money and resurface!

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more information on cutting/chopping board resurfacing

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No boards to resurface, no problem! With our regular services we supply the cutting boards for free and only charge for your regular resurfacing needs.

With daily use, most people believe that washing cutting boards at night and wiping them down throughout the day will keep them clean and sanitary - IT WILL NOT! 

Money Saving

Eliminate the cost of repeatedly purchasing new cutting boards and disposing of old ones.  

Avoid Health Inspector Violations

Bacteria harboured within deep cuts on the surface causes the board to become contaminated and no longer safe for use.  


Reduce your carbon footprint by disposing of less plastic cutting boards.  

Why doesn't cleaning solve this problem? 

Cleaning your cutting boards after use does a great job of surface cleaning. However, when a sharp knife cuts into the surface and creates a gap, bacteria and other micro-organisms embed themselves deep within the surface. This area is unaffected by cleaning products (even under pressure), which leaves a chance of contamination, and Health Inspector violations. 

How often do they need to be resurfaced?

There are multiple factors which we use to help identify that a board needs to be resurfaced. The most obvious indicator is where the surface becomes discoloured and/or stains can no longer be removed. Multiple cuts on the surface of the board is also a reminder that it is time to resurface the board.  

more information on cutting/chopping board resurfacing