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Paring Knife

Paring knives are extremely versatile kitchen tools which are invaluable to the professional chef. The small, sharp blade makes them ideal for peeling, and slicing. 

Cooks Knife

The classic chefs go to tool. Comes in various sizes and is one of the most common types of knife to find in any kitchen. It's a versatile kitchen accessory and can be used for anything from cutting meat and hard vegetables to chopping nuts.


A long thin knife with a plane edge blade often with a blunted or rounded tip. With a more flexible blade than a carving knife, they are used to cut thinner slices of roast, fruits and vegetables.

Slicer Fluted

Slicer Fluted

An even thinner version of the Slicer. With a more flexible blade than a carving knife, they are used to cut thinner slices of meats such as ham.

Boning Knife

A boning knife is used to remove bones from cuts of meat. It has a thin, flexible blade, usually about 12 cm to 15 cm (5 or 6 inches) long, that allows it to get in to small spaces. A boning knife is ideal for beef and pork, but can easily be used for poultry and fish.

Boning Knife Curved

Similar to the Boning knife, the Boning Curved knives are great for trimming and precision work.

Fillet Knife

Fillet Knife

Similar to a boning knife in shape but usually thinner and more flexible allowing them to move easily along the backbone and under the skin of fish.

Bread Knife

Easily identified by it's long serrated blade with a coarse serration to facilitate cutting of soft crusty bread. Available in 10" or 12" lengths.

Steak Knife

A long thick knife with a curved blade to a point for cutting steak.

Curved Steak Knife

An alternative to the straight back Steak Knife with the same qualities only with a curved end similar to a Fish Splitter.

Palette Knife

A wide and flat knife used for lifting, spreading, and smoothing.

Cake Wavy

A special knife used to cut cakes.

Doner / Kebab Knife

Donner / Kebab Knife

Easily identified by it's long razor sharp blade it makes slicing kebab meat quick and effortless.

Boning Knife Curved

Sticking Knife

Long medium weight blade with a straight back to a point for slicing and removing the fat from the flesh of meat like Lamb.

Chicken Chopper

Chopping Knife

Similar in shape to a cooks knife but thicker and heavier set for more power. Perfect for chopping chicken.

Oyster Knife

A knife that is used to pry open the hard shell of an oyster or clam in order to remove the meat. The knife has a sharp, beveled blade that can be inserted into the tightly closed shell to pry the shell apart.

Chicken Chopper

Chicken Chopper

Similar in shape to a Chopping knife but even thicker and heavier set for more power. Perfect for chopping chicken.

Cooks Vic Type

The Vic type knife is an all-purpose knife that can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. It is also perfect for heavy duty work such as cutting thicker vegetables and meats.

Pizza Wheel

Pizza Wheel

A circular cutting blade with a handle that serves as a cutting tool to cleanly slice pizza, lasagna, flatbread crusts, brownies, and other similar foods into smaller pieces.

Pizza Rocker


Cut whole pizzas in half with one quick move using the Rocker Blade. Also used for cutting herbs and spices.

Chinese Cleaver

Chinese Cleaver

Similar shape to a standard cleaver but much thinner and lighter for better control. Can be used as a utility knife depending on preference.

Nella Cleaver


Cleavers are primarily used for cutting through thin or soft bones and sinew. On a chicken, for example, it can be used to chop through thin bones or to separate ribs


Carvery Knife

Easily identified by it's long serrated blade which gives it the ability to cut roast chicken beef and turkey, optimizing portion control. Available in 10" or 12".


Mincer Blades & Plates

Used in mincer machines

Blade sizes available: 12", 22", 32", 52", 56"

Plate Sizes: 3mm - 10mm

We also stock universal fitting washers and many other parts.

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