Donato Camicia retires from Nella Cutlery

The man from southern Italy that joined the company back in 1967 and has seen 5 generations of Nella’s come into the business has decided to retire this year. Donato has been a massive part of the success of Nella over the years and the entire family at Nella would like to thank him for his devotion and commitment to the company.

Before finding his home at Nella, Donato cut his teeth as a skilled carpenter working on expensive and exclusive pieces of furniture in Milan. That company later went into receivership and he decided to seek work in the UK where a member of his family introduced Donato to Nella.

In 1967, it was current owners Mark and Emilio’s Grandfather Pietro Nella, on his final year before retirement and their father, Pierfranco Nella with whom Donato started work. His masterful skill and tireless work ethic helped propel the company over the next 44 years to the market leader it is today.

The work ethics exhibited by Donato were the foundations for all future staff and for this and everything he has done; we would like to wish Donato a very happy and well deserved retirement.