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Save up to 70% on your Cutting Boards.

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No boards to resurface, no problem! With our regular services we supply the cutting boards for free and only charge for your regular resurfacing needs.

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With daily use, most people believe that the best way to sanitise plastic cutting boards is to disinfect them throughout the day and to clean them at night - IT WILL NOT!

Cleaning your commercial cutting boards/carving boards after use does a great job of surface cleaning. However, when a sharp knife cuts into the surface and creates a gap, bacteria and other micro-organisms embed themselves deep within the surface. This area often becomes stained and is unaffected by cleaning products (even under pressure). This leaves a chance of contamination; resulting in Health Inspector violations.

Key benefits for using Nella's Cutting Board Resurfacing service

Money Saving

Eliminate the cost of repeatedly purchasing new cutting boards and disposing of old ones.

Meet Health & Safety Guidelines

Unsanitary cutting boards commonly cause Health Inspector violations.

Read how a restaurant was fined £50,000 for unsanitary Cutting Boards.


Reduce your carbon output by over 70% demonstrating good environmental practice.

Send less plastic Cutting Boards to landfill sites

Read how the UK faces build-up of plastic waste and why it is more important to reuse than recycle.

Food Safety Agency (FSA) regulations state that you must “replace chopping boards that are scratched, pitted or scored.” Resurfacing eliminates the need to regularly buy new cutting boards. Reusing and resurfacing your cutting boards not only helps you save money, but also helps cut down on the unnecessary disposal of old, dirty, stained boards.

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