Celebrating our 120th anniversary

A very Happy New Year to all our customers and hopefully potential new customers visiting our site for the first time!

2021 is a very exciting and special year for Nella Cutlery Services. We are celebrating

the 120th anniversary of the company since it was founded in 1901.

The company has grown from its local London base to now providing a service which thousands of our customers continue to enjoy throughout the whole of the UK & Ireland.

In the last 120 years much has changed in the UK, we have seen 5 monarchs on the throne and had over 20 Prime Minsters!

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing the best possible products and service at a cost effective price via our national delivery service which is unmatched. Combined with our experience and knowledge of the knife sharpening process Nella Cutlery Services today proudly stands as the longest established and largest knife sharpening company in the UK.

We look forward to working with you throughout 2021 and beyond.

Mark & Emilio Nella

120 Years of Nella