10 Advantages of using the Nella Knife Sharpening Service

1. Experience

With over 120 years of experience, nobody has more experience and knowledge for delivering a World Class Knife Sharpening Service.

Nella 120 years

2. For you

We know that every customer has their own needs and expectations. Rest assured, whatever knives you need, Nella can deliver them quickly and sharp.
Nella Delivery

3. Technology

Nella is constantly investing in the leading technology to help us provide you with the best Knife Sharpening Service possible.

Nela Technology

4. Family Run

Nella is family run. Being family run means we are more flexible, more determined, and more committed to delivering the best Knife Sharpening Service to you

Nella Knife Swap

5. Cleaning

All knives within our Knife Sharpening Service are washed and sanitised thoroughly to a high standard before they are sent out to you. 

Nella Knives Washed

6. Three sets

With our Knife Sharpening Service there are 3 sets of knives in circulation. One set with you, one set being sharpened, and another with our fleet of Nella Drivers. 

Nella Knife Sharpening Service

7. Nationwide

Six distribution centres accross the UK and Europe mean wherever you are, you can be a part of our Knife Sharpening Service family.

Nella Distribution Centres

8. Stay Sharp

Whether you're chopping meat, fish, vegatables, or anything else, you can rest assured that with the Nella Knife Sharpening Service your knives will always be up for the task.

Nella Sharp Chop

9. Safety

Blunt knives cause accidents. Wipe these out with consistently sharp knives with the Nella Knife Sharpening Service.

Nella Safety

10. Trust

You can trust the Knife Sharpening Service to supply you with quality sharpened knives every time. That's the Nella Guarantee.

Trust Nella
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