Knife Sharpening Workers

Knife Sharpening

Knive Sharpening imageNella Cutlery Services have been sharpening knives for over 110 years, constantly updating and refining the service to maintain the high standards expected by its customers.
Today Nella, as the market leading company offer an unrivalled service combining quality products at cost effective prices.


Why you should use the Nella Knife Sharpening service

  • Money saving – no future expense replacing knives.
  • Continual investment in the latest knife sharpening technology to ensure all knives are sharpened to the highest standards.
  • Regular delivery anywhere in the UK & Ireland.
  • Bespoke service – prices are dependant on frequency and volume of knives.
  • Frequency of delivery is determined by the needs of the customer.
  • Knives will always be sharp ensuring maximum usability.
  • Sharp knives will decrease accidents previously caused by blunt knives.
  • Broken and damaged knives are replaced free of charge.
  • Wide choice of knives - 25 types of knives, in different sizes and widths are available to suit all needs and uses.
  • Knives are thoroughly cleaned before each delivery.
The Government's Health and Saftey Executive recommend that knives should always be kept sharp to minimise the risk of accidents. Source: Safe use of knives in the kitchen