Berkel - Red Line


Red Line encompasses all the technology of professional Berkel meat slicers. This professional electric slicer for home use is elegant and lightweight and is made of a special aluminium alloy.

The steel blade ensures a perfect cut to make thin and even slices while reducing waste. The built-in sharpener enhances blade efficiency and durability. The slice deflector, blade cover, and meat table can be removed easily to ensure quick and accurate cleaning operations.

Red Line is available in 3 standard colours: red, black, and cream, or in a wide range of custom colours.

Meat Table Removal
You can remove the meat table to clean it by simply moving the lever. Once you remove the meat table, the slicer automatically sets itself to safety mode and activates the CE lock. Putting the meat table back on unlocks the lever and makes the machine return to operating mode. An important innovation that allows the removal of the meat table with one swift movement and makes it easier to clean the slicer.

Blade Cover Removal
The blade cover is quick and easy to remove. All you have to do is rotate it by 90° and pull it out. This will make optimal cleaning an easy everyday task. Press the blade cover down gently to put it back into place ready for use.

Built-In Sharpener
All Red Line slicers have a built-in blade sharpener. You can position the sharpener manually simply by lifting and rotating it. The sharpener has only one position that does not require any adjustment, thereby ensuring the perfect angle for optimal sharpness.

Thickness Adjustment Knob
Red Line slicers are equipped with a built-in system that allows the gauge meat table to open up to 14 mm. The numbers on the adjustment knob refer to the actual thickness of the slice in millimetres. This allows for the highest precision in slice thickness adjustment (especially the thinnest and most common) with a the highest repeatability.

Machine Details: 
250 300
Max Usage (Per Day) 2 Hours 2 Hours
Cutting Capacity (Round) 180 mm 230 mm
Cutting Capacity (Rectangular) 187 x 175h mm 245 x 225h mm
Maximum Slice Thickness 14mm 12mm
Blade Diameter 250mm 300mm
Motor Rating 0,17 kW 0,23 kW
Electrical Spec 50Hz - 220V 50Hz - 220V
Weight 22 KG 23 KG
Dimensions W 490mm
L 520mm
H 405mm
W 460mm
L 635mm
H 470mm
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