Berkel - Avantgarde Gravita


Oversized components ensure reliability and sturdiness. The motor has an IP54 waterproof rating, the electric parts IP65, while a high-efficiency system ensures the transmission of motion to the blade. The cutting precision is as good as ever. All the parts that come into contact with food are made of AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure perfect hygiene and unrivalled durability.

The range includes a sole blade diameter of 330 mm, which ensures superior cutting performance.

Available in the stright feed for cured meat, 7° gravity, 25° gravity versions. They are made of anodised aluminium and AISI 304 stainless steel, and fully comply with EC standards.

Third-Generation Steel Blade
The third-generation German 100Cr6 steel blade has an innovative profile to reduce friction with food, thereby ensuring a perfect cut. Precision and accurate assembly help reduce waste and the unusable end part of the product considerably.

Thickness Adjustment Unit
The gauge plate opens up to 32 mm, thanks to an opening system that allows for an extremely precise thickness adjustment. The numbers on the adjustment knob refer to the actual thickness of the slice in millimetres, thereby ensuring the highest precision in slice thickness adjustment with the highest repeatability.

Meat Table Removal
You can remove the meat table to clean it by simply moving the lever. The machine automatically sets itself to safety mode and activates the CE lock. To unlock the lever and bring the machine back to operating mode, all you have to do is place the meat table back in position.

Blade Cover Removal
You can remove the stainless steel blade cover by simply pressing the button and wash it safely in the dishwasher. To put it back on, just press it down into position.

Sharpener Positioning
The sharpener is positioned automatically by lifting its cover. This increases the level of safety and the sharpening quality considerably.

Product Holder and Slice Deflector
As all other parts that come into contact with food, the stainless steel product holder and slice deflector, can be removed easily and washed in the dishwasher. The slice deflector can also be moved to facilitate cleaning operations.

Machine Details: 
7o 25o
Max Usage (Per Day) 7 Hours 7 Hours
Cutting Capacity (Round) 248 mm 228 mm
Cutting Capacity (Rectangular) 302 x 204h mm 300 x 153h mm
Maximum Slice Thickness 32mm 32mm
Blade Diameter 330mm 330mm
Motor Rating 0,37 kW 0,37 kW
Electrical Spec 50Hz - 230V 50Hz - 230V
Weight 56 KG 58 KG
Dimensions W 649mm
L 734mm
H 588mm
W 649mm
L 730mm
H 588mm
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