The 5 Steps of our Knife Sharpening Service

Step 1 - Your First Delivery

Nella Knife Delivery

To start the Nella Knife Sharpening Service one of our dedicated team of delivery drivers will deliver you a bespoke set of knives chosen by you. 

All colour coded, and sized to match your needs. 

With our Knife Sharpening Service there are 3 sets of knives in circulation. One set with you, one set being sharpened, and another with our fleet of Nella Drivers. 

Step 2 - Sharpening your Next Set of Knives

Nella Knife Sharpening

Our expert grinders and sharpeners work tirelessly to make sure all knives within our Knife Sharpening Service remain sharp, and easy to use.  

Using the same set of skills honed, and perfected over Nella's more than 120 year history.  

Step 3 - Washing and Cleaning

Nella Knives Washed

Now, more than ever, cleanliness, and sanitisation are such an important aspect of a kitchen. At Nella, it's no different.

All knives within our Knife Sharpening Service are washed and sanitised thoroughly to a high standard before they are sent out to you. 

This ensures there is no chance of cross contamination. 

Step 4 - Quality Control

Nella Knife Inspection

Nella prides itself on the quality of all the knives within our Knife Sharpening Service.  

That's why all knives go through a vigorous quality control procedure before they leave our premises. If they don't meet our high standards, they don't leave our sites

Step 5 - Swapping your Next Set of Knives

Nella Knife Swap

When it's time for your knife swap, your driver will arrive with your new set of knives.

Your Knife Sharpening Service will be arranged at a day and time that suits you. 

Remember, at Nella your happiness is our priority, so our drivers are always willing to answer any queries on either the knives, or additional services. 

So don't delay - Start your Knife Sharpening Service Today

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