Roband Contact Grill 6 Slice Ribbed Top Plate 2200W GSA610R


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Ribbed Plate

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Capacity 6 Sandwiches
Dimensions 220(H)x 435(W)x 490(D)mm
Dimensions Area 375(W) x 275(D)mm

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Designed for outlets with a great demand for producing grilled bread products such as paninis, focaccias and sandwiches as well as kebabs, the Grill Station delivers heat quickly and efficiently to the food being grilled. Incorporating clever design features such as elements cast directly into the plates themselves, the machine has a fast heat up time and rapidly grills the food enabling you to quickly serve your customers and produce more servings overall to deliver greater profits for your business. Occasionally you may wish to grill meat and poultry, which could later be used as fillings in your focaccias or paninis and this machine is versatile in its ability to produce a beautifully tender result.