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Knife Sharpening Workers

Nella Cutlery Services

Experience, skill and knowledge are the key components of any successful business. Nella has acquired all 3 in the past over 115 years since the company was established, and are the leading knife sharpening company in the UK

The Nella Knife Sharpening Service

The Nella sharpening service is used by restaurants, food markets, butchers and any other type of business who use knives in the preparation of food. Nella provide services for local businesses and national companies;

  • Knife Sharpening weekly, twice weekly or monthly service
  • National delivery service
  • Knives provided are of the highest quality & value

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Knives on a cutting table

Knife sharpening process

Cutting Board Resurfacing

Nella offer one off or regular cutting board resurfacing services to all our customers helping them save 70% of the cost over buying new

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Cutting board resurfacing

Slicer Blade Exchange

Nella will exchange your blunt and unsafe slicer blade with a professionally resharpened blade. No need to call for an expensive repair service just to sharpen your blade. Our nationwide delivery service will ensure your blades are replaced and returned on a regular & agreed basis.

Meat Slicer

Mincer Blades and Plates

Nella offer a wide variety of stainless steel mincer machine blades and plates in all sizes to suit your machine. Re sharpened sized 12/22/32 mincer blades are available as part of the Nella national rental exchange programme. Mincer plates are available for sale in sizes from 3mm to 10mm.

Mincer Plate

Bandsaw Blades

Nella offer a wide variety of blades that have an unmatched history for meeting the rigorous, high-volume demands of butchers, supermarkets, meat packers and any other businesses that use band saws on a regular basis. The band saw blades positive hook angle and heavier tooth set, translate into aggressive cutting providing a longer and more durable lifecycle.

Bandsaw blades

Food processor blade exchange

Are you fed up with blunt food processor blades? Nella offer a wide range of blades to suit your needs, ensuring that your business does not have any costly downtime. Food processor blades are available for sale and also as part of the Nella national rental exchange programme. Nella will ensure your blades are replaced or sharpened on a regular agreed basis.

Food processor blades, robocoupe